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Traffic Millionaires Summit 6.0
NOVEMBER 3, 4 & 5 | London, UK 
"Make 2017 Your Best Year Ever By Learning From The #1 Highest Paid Top Earner In The Home Business Industry..." 
...real "What's Working Now" information you simply won't hear about anywhere else!
This Event Has SOLD-OUT 5 Times.... 
And Now You Can Secure Your Seat To Attend! 

By Joining Us At TMS 6.0, You Can...
  • Start getting breakthrough results that you've never experienced before - even if you've been stuck in information overwhelm...
  • Stop playing around with outdated marketing methods that simply don't get results and aren't gonna work for you (Don't continue to struggle creating videos that never get any views or creating FB posts that never get any engagement)
  • Understand marketing funnels that turn every $1 of ad spend into $2, $3 or even more in ROI! (Never again struggle to turn paid traffic into profitable campaigns, once you understand the elements of a money making funnel that works for you 24/7)
  • Start creating email marketing sequences that turn readers into high ticket customers with ease! (Let's face it we've all been there before pulling our hair out what to say in the emails we send our list. But get excited as we'll reveal the formula we use to pull in as much as $28,000 a day from simple little emails)
  • Gain clarity on the actions you need to take to go from confusion to domination in your niche, FAST! (If you've known me for any period of time, you know I'm all about getting things done FAST. Now for the first time ever I'll reveal exactly the process you need to take to gain clarity & momentum to earn BIG online)
  • Master the marketing methods and sales strategies being used RIGHT NOW by multi-million dollar internet entrepreneurs! (You'll discover the secrets to scaling to multiple million dollar internet businesses and ensure the foundations are in place to do that.)
  • Quickly launch, grow, and scale your first profitable online business.Avoid ALL the most common pitfalls that catch even the most seasoned Internet Marketers so you can get results FAST
  • Build rock-solid streams of income that allow you to live the lifestyle of your DREAMS.Become totally free and location independent so you can live and work from ANYWHERE
  • Finally start enjoying the fruits of having an online business creating wealth allowing you to lead the ultimate laptop lifestyle.
Here's What You Can Expect At Traffic Millionaires Summit 6.0, Even If You're Brand New & Starting From Scratch...
Sessions You’ll Actually Want To Attend
No fluff. No bland, boring keynotes. No "rah-rah." Just up-to-date, actionable sessions delivered by real practitioners who actually do this stuff...

Starting From Scratch? "The $25Million Playbook Formula' For Creating Million-Dollar Marketing Funnels For Average Marketers!"

  • The 3 stages of a 7 figure business and how to navigate through them for maximum effectiveness. I've used this to build 7 different online businesses to the million dollar level and beyond
  •  The most powerful way to keep prospects engaged through your entire marketing funnel sequence
  •  The 3M Funnel Formula and when to use each stage -- The birds eye walk through of the multi-million dollar sales funnel system. 
  •  How to engineer credibility that can be used to to effortlessly influence your prospects and get them to buy from you. 
  •  MHT: The psychological trick to getting prospects into peak buying state. 
  •  The 6 Step Formula for crafting the perfect landing page. 
  •  How to create STEALTH pre-sell pages & content that slowly but surely convert your leads into buyers without them realizing it. 
  •  ... and much, MUCH MORE!

"The Insider Traffic Secrets That's Generating Millions of Dollars In Revenue & Makes Me A Top Income Earner In Different Business Opportunities"

  • The $1,043,671 Facebook Experiment: In 2016 we invested HEAVILY into figuring out Facebook and getting RED-HOT hungry buyers into our sales funnel. You'll find out the results of the experiment at the event
  •  Facebook Ad Targetting "BREAKTHROUGH": The truth about interests, custom audiences and my #1 strategy for 'stealing' your competitors prospects right from under their noses!
  •  The "FB Guaranteed Profit Formula" : How to launch simple little Facebook ads super quick and generate $2, $3 or even more for every $1 in Ad Spend
  •  "Hollywood Banner Placement Strategy" How to quickly & easily purchase profitable banner ads on the most popular sites in your niche for less than $100 a month. Become the talk of the internet with your banners being seen in the most prominent places. 
  •  "FUGLY Banners" The right kind of banners to use to get the best results and instantly get more people to your sites and start making money within an hour. Discover the banner ad strategies killing it now generating 7 figure returns. 
  •  How 1 simple email turned into $72,000 in cash from just 60 mins work. You'll get to the see EXACTLY HOW it was done, step by step. 
  •  The one-page "7 Step Traffic Domination" plan that creates unlimited, scalable, predictable, consistent and laser-targetted traffic that get you SALES, DOWNLINE MEMBERS & INSTANT CASH FLOW
  •  What I do with my marketing team every time I do a promotion to ensure every new sales promotion brings in no less than 6 figures. (Any marketer can duplicate this... even if you're a solo-preneur with no team.)
  •  RARE FREE GIFT: You'll get to see my 13 point SOLO-AD SUCCESS traffic checklist and cheat sheet. This is the entire blueprint I personally use for set and forget traffic system
  •  ... and much, MUCH MORE!

"The Hidden Conversion Mastery Tactics To Rapidly Scale Your Business To 6, 7 or Even 8 Figures in 2017!"

  • Authority Positioning Webinar System - How to develop immediate authority, credibility and incredible influence with your market using simple webinars (I'll even give you the webinar format slides!)
  •  Why you MUST leverage your live webinars by automating them & turning them into evergreen webinars for high ticket sales and maximum conversions (and I'll even show you where to plant some sneaky tricks in your funnel for maximum sales)
  •  "$309,445 Case Study Of A Webinar That Went Completely Wrong" - A complete breakdown of the webinar that went totally wrong yet still generated me multiple 6 figures in just 2 hours work. (Imagine what could have been achieved if it went right!)
  •  4 things you must do to convert cold prospects into hungry RED HOT buyers willing to pay you $5,000....$10,000...or even $20,000 or more in one shot suing master persuasion techniques. 
  •  A simple 2-Step Funnel that can quickly and easily create a SIX-FIGURE income in 90 days or less. 
  •  How to use the Principle of Idea Density to keep prospects engaged and coming back throughout even the longest of marketing funnels! (If you ever use multi-step video funnels, webinar funnels, or launch funnels... this is a game-changer for you.)
  •  The secret "Million Dollar Closing Secrets" I've personally used and taught my sales team, that have put more money in my pocket in a single day than most make slaving away for an entire year. 
  •  2 critical numbers in your business you need to know and calculate to make your business go from 5/6 figures to 7 figures and beyond. 
  •  "BIG BACK ENDS!" Why in your marketing Bigger is always better. Gain MASSIVE annuity income through your back end programs. 
  •  Average marketers focus on just one type... while the pros almost always leverage the persuasive power of all three.)
  •  8 Figure Earners VS YOU There's a few differences between the current YOU and the guys already crushing it in their business generating 8 Figures in sales. (If your currently stuck at a certain level, then just a few simple tweaks can get you moving to the next level and beyond)
  •  ...and much, MUCH MORE!
+ 3 Fast-Action Bonuses For You Registering Today:
1. Cashflow Surge Calendar - ($997 Value)

Are you stuck in information overwhelm and not making sales? 

Use our time-tested proven resources to jumpstart any business by planning out and executing elegantly. Utilise an entire tool and resources list of creating cashflow surges anytime you desire. Our in house Facebook Tracking Tool, our Traffic Tracker Spreadsheet, our fill in the blanks Promotional Calendar and more.

$997 Value. 

2. ACCESS To The Backpack Millionaire Summit "From The Vault" - ($1,497 Value)
This is our once per year in person live event we do based on Lifestyle Business Models of the new rich, at our previous event we covered everything from traffic to E-Commence and everything in between. If you need an unfair advantage and are starting from scratch then you'll love this. Grab this bonus 

3. $25 Million Email Swipe File - ($2,997 Value)

Ever wonder why and how all these internet marketers send emails and make cash? 

Well it's the power of having a list and most importantly having the relationship with the list. By using simple easy to write emails, over the past few years, CEO; Shaqir Hussyin has generated over $25Million in sales and primarily using one core marketing channel, Email Marketing. 

For the first time ever - you'll be getting access to his entire swipe file of emails that he's used to generate tens of millions of dollars in sales. This was previously reserved for Shaqir's $40k+ coaching clients. 

You'll be able to access over 3,000+ emails in a easy to swipe, model, deploy - at the Traffic Millionaires Summit 5.0 Live Event. 
The New Ecom Business Model - Create A Sustainable Long Term & Profitable Business Without Ever Touching Physical Products...
Presented by
Ecom Academy Mystery Guest
  • You'll see a LIVE Case Study of a 3 Months Walkthrough, a new business inspired by TMS 4.0 - Shows $600 first month, $7,000 second month and a whopping $25,000 the third month...(simply model and deploy) --- This session alone is worth 5x your entire investment to TMS 5.0
  • How to get a flood of sales using Facebook... what you need to know about Facebook to attract endless customers and sell your products....
  • Dream Client Attraction - how to make Facebook find your ideal customers using our proven-time-tested formula...
  • 5 components of every successful store! (For every one of these you're missing, your sales can decrease by at least 5% or more)
  • The Friendly Nudge: How to leverage Facebook to let it's users do the selling of your product, costing you almost next to nothing to advertise. 
  • 6 types of products... and how to stack them for a quick sales conversion bump!
  • The "Secret Sauce" to maximize the monetization of every one of your products!
  • ...and much, MUCH MORE!
Previous Top Industry Gurus & World-Class Marketing Leaders Come To Our Events To Share Their Secrets To Making BIG Money Online NOW!
Mike Dillard
Author, Magnetic Sponsoring
$50Million In Sales from his last 2 companies.
Matt Lloyd
Founder, MOBE
$150 Million In Sales
John Chow
World-Class Blogging GURU
Saj P
9x Clickbank Best-Seller
Andre Chaperon
Email Marketing Legend
(His first time speaking in public at TMS1.0)
Com Mirza
$500 Million Net-Worth
Paul Lynch
Founder of EasySketchPRO &
My Dot Com Business Franchise 
More Speakers Coming Soon...
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NOVEMBER 3rd, 4th & 5th  in London, UK
So How Much Is The Investment To Spend 3 Days At The 
Traffic Millionaires Summit 6.0
SAVE 50%
  • 3 Day Educational Training
  • Actionable Workbook
  • Meet Millionaire Speaker
  • Bring A Guest For Free
SAVE 65%
  • VIP Dinner With Shaqir Hussyin
  • Front Row Seating
  • Event Recordings
  • 3 Day Educational Training
  • Actionable Workbook
  • Meet Millionaire Speaker
  • Bring A Guest For Free
‘More Than Your Money Back’
As always, I’m supremely confident that you’ll absolutely LOVE every minute of the "Traffic Millionaires Summit” that I’m willing to give you a ‘more than your money back’ guarantee!
Even though my team and I are confident that you'll be thrilled with the entire weekend we’ve got in store for you, and that when you implement the strategies we share, your business & life will be transformed forever, we realise that until you’ve attended and experienced this event first hand, you can’t know that for sure.

And whilst the financial investment in attending this event is small, we realize that for serious online marketers like us, your most valuable asset is your time.

So to put your mind at ease completely - right from the start – we’re going to give you a ‘more than your money back’ guarantee!

Here’s how it works…

If you’re anything less than 100% satisfied with attending the entire first day, just let us know before you leave on Friday, hand in your materials and we’ll happily refund your attendance fee, PLUS up to $500 of documented travel and accommodation expenses…


In other words you'll receive a refund of your ticket price – plus up to $500 to cover your additional expenses, so there’s no way you could possibly be out of pocket. We have rarely had ANYONE even take us up on this.

Bottom line is this: I've spoken and hosted now about 100+ of my own events, I know how the frameworks for helping clients transform. 
TMS 5.0 Event FAQs...
What are the dates for the TMS 5.0 Event?
It's happening July 28th, 29th & 30th, 2017 in London, UK
Where is the venue for the event?
We will advise this in the next few days, but it will be a top London hotel with good nearby transport links to make it easily accessible. 
Can I bring a guest with me?
I strongly encourage you to experience this event with a guest. In fact, I believe that is so important that, I’m allowing you to bring 1 guest for FREE. How awesome is that?
Will this be a pitch fest?
Absolutely NOT. If you were at my last event, you know not a single speaker sold anything off stage. Traffic Millionaires Summit has quickly built a reputation for being THE place for high value, 100% pure actionable content without any fluff or sugar coating. I intend to keep it that way. The ONLY trusted premiere level event of it's kind hosted in the UK.
...But I just started my online business and don't have any results. Will this event benefit me?
That’s exactly why you can’t afford to miss this Summit. You’ll get a clear game plan right from the start so that you’re not making hundreds of mistakes (some extremely costly) getting to your goals. You’ll get to meet and learn from people just like you who’ve fought through tooth and nail to get their online businesses. You’ll get to find out exactly how they did so, so that you can leverage on their success to get to yours much faster and easier.
I don't have an online business? Would this 3 days still be worth it? 
ABSOLUTELY - We'll show you a rapid session on Product Creation so that you'll know that you can create your own products, create a million dollar sales funnel around it and then you'll too be able to start having an additional income stream!
Can I get a refund if I can't attend?
Because of the limited availability of seats for TMS 5.0, you will need to notify our office 21 days prior to the event if you're unable to attend. 
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